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The artist

Alessandra was born in Cagliari where she lives and works in her laboratory , she has always been passionate about figurative art, her main expression comes via the art of portrait. 

At the base of all her creations is thorough research into the materials on which she paints specifically she chooses old woods such as: doors, windows, doors that belonged to old rural houses also marble slabs, tiles, terracotta or pieces of plasterboard found in abandoned yards. 

The chosen materials are reworked and transformed into coffee-tables, and pop paintings which are dedicated to famous icons of the cinema etc such as : Marylin Monroe, Che Guevara , Rolling Stones Betty Boop and others. 

A collection her works with variations on the theme myths, portraits and paintings with additional application of sequins and bijou: as a sort of makeup that enriches the faces of the characters.






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